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Web Applicatin Firewall (WAF)

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Web Applicatin Firewall (WAF)

Manage Website Traffic – Protect from Hack, Malware and DDOS Attack

Secure your physical or cloud based server environment with Cloudbric

Cloudbric will provide all monitoring and maintenance of end user web traffic. So, that helps enterprise clients maintain a clean network infrastructure. Furthermore it eliminates security related customer support requests, and increase overall brand trust through an emphasis on web security.

In addition to this cloudbric provides protection against he most common and devastating attacks: cyber attacks, data leakage, website vandalism, and DDoS attacks. Furthermore Cloudbric guarantees protection against all kinds of malicious threats. Cloudbric is the complete security solution for the average website owner.

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Advanced DDoS Protection(Layer 3, 4, 7)

Restore & repair changed file

Web Optimization

OWASP Core Rule Set

Reputation-based Threat Protection

Block Visitors by IP or country

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waf 10gb

RM 120

RM 40




waf 40gb

RM 280
RM 130




waf 100gb

RM 310




Web Application Firewall is a tool used to protect web applications from attacks. It’s deployed in front of a web application (or a webserver) and intercepts the traffic between the clients and the applications in order to

  • Prevent unwanted user input to reach the application.
  • Prevent unwanted content to be leaked by the application.
  • Monitor the application traffic flow.
  • Log transaction data.

WAF intercepts and monitors all incoming and outgoing application-layer traffic (OSI-layer 7).

A WAF operates by using two main models:

  1. A blacklist or negative model that denies what is known to be bad: 
    For basic protection, similar with an IPS but with a greater level of application intelligence, a WAF can use generic signatures for preventing well known attacks and specific signatures for attacks exploiting a particular web application’s vulnerabilities. A simple example: deny a certain malicious HTTP GET request and permit everything else.
  2. A whitelist or positive model that permits only what is known to be good:
    For advanced protection, in addition to the signatures, another type of logic is used: rules that define what is explicitly allowed. A simple example: allow just HTTP GET requests for a specific URL and deny everything else.

Benefits of Using Web Application Firewall / WAF

  • Preventing technical application attacks (e.g.:- XSS, SQL Injection etc.)
  • Prevent data leakage
  • Compliance with PCI DSS 6.6
  • Business logic attacks: Preventing flaws in the logic of a business application that abuses its functionality
  • Virtual Patching: fix the security vulnerabilities in your web applications without touching the application.
  • Web application hardening: reduce the attack surface.
  • Monitoring your web application and detecting when attack occur