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Malware Removal Services + Code Analyze

We can have your website fixed within 24 hours! It is important to have your website cleaned by website security professionals. We have a wide choice of the tools for detecting and analyzing malicious files hidden on your website. Most of the tools are unique and developed by our engineers together with experienced security experts.

 We keep websites clean

We will install website security solutions, security monitoring scripts to keep your website safe and to block any unwanted traffic or activities.

 We prevent future attacks

Our support team work 24 /7 to stay online and check for logs of antivirus and security monitoring scripts. When we notice unusual activity on your website, we take proactively take actions to protect your website against potential hacking activities.

 We give result guarantee

You get 14 days guarantee. During this period we will monitor and log all activity on your website. If we notice any problem, your website will be cleaned at no additional charge.

 We fix the bugs which hackers used

We do more than just detect and delete malware from your website. Just to delete the viruses is not enough to keep your website safe. Hackers can exploit bugs or can leave backdoors to upload malware again. We analyze all files and fix the bugs which hacker used and prevent any future attacks.


Malware Removal Services



Fix bugs

Remove backdoors, rootkits

Remove trojan horses

Remove warms, fraudtools, adware etc.

Result guarantee

Monitor log activity

Telephone/Live Support

Blacklist Removal Services



Clean the infections

Remove Google Blacklist

Result guarantee

Monitor blacklist activities

Telephone / Live Support

Blacklist Removal Services

What is Blacklist Removal?

Blacklist removal services is a procedure of removing malicious infected websites from the index within search engines. When a website is blacklisted it loses around 93%-95% of its organic traffic, which impacts the growth of your business. If you do not pay attention to the security of your website, chances that your website gets blacklisted are potentially high. On average 10,000 websites are blocked per day by search engines such as Google. Malwares such as Trojan Horses, Phishing Schemes, Information Scraping are the irregularities which act as a catalyst to get your websites blacklist by search engines.

How to identify your website is blacklisted?
• Your clients are complaining that their anti-virus software is blocking the site.
• There is unexpected traffic to your site for keywords that have nothing to do with the site’s content.
• Your website is redirected to other sites i.e. pornography sites, scam site, phishing site etc.
• Splash pages appear on your browser when the site is opened.
• Your website has new administrators, which weren’t authorized any admin access by the concerned authorities.

My legitimate website got hacked, Now what?

Website blacklisting can be catastrophic for your business and the red warning flag that appears on your website can have a dramatic impact on the website. The good news about being on the blacklist of search engines is that the blacklisting is only temporary. You can remove your website from the blacklist by using Blacklist Removal Services. removes your website from blacklist, and monitors your website for blacklisting, to protect the website from any trauma in future.


Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall is a tool used to protect web applications from attacks. It’s deployed in front of a web application (or a webserver) and intercepts the traffic between the clients and the applications in order to

  • Prevent unwanted user input to reach the application.
  • Prevent unwanted content to be leaked by the application.
  • Monitor the application traffic flow.
  • Log transaction data.

WAF intercepts and monitors all incoming and outgoing application-layer traffic (OSI-layer 7).

A WAF operates by using two main models:

  1. A blacklist or negative model that denies what is known to be bad: 
    For basic protection, similar with an IPS but with a greater level of application intelligence, a WAF can use generic signatures for preventing well known attacks and specific signatures for attacks exploiting a particular web application’s vulnerabilities. A simple example: deny a certain malicious HTTP GET request and permit everything else.
  2. A whitelist or positive model that permits only what is known to be good:
    For advanced protection, in addition to the signatures, another type of logic is used: rules that define what is explicitly allowed. A simple example: allow just HTTP GET requests for a specific URL and deny everything else.

Benefits of Using Web Application Firewall / WAF

  • Preventing technical application attacks (e.g.:- XSS, SQL Injection etc.)
  • Prevent data leakage
  • Compliance with PCI DSS 6.6
  • Business logic attacks: Preventing flaws in the logic of a business application that abuses its functionality
  • Virtual Patching: fix the security vulnerabilities in your web applications without touching the application.
  • Web application hardening: reduce the attack surface.
  • Monitoring your web application and detecting when attack occur




Advanced DDoS Protection(Layer 3, 4, 7)

Restore & repair changed file

Web Optimization

OWASP Core Rule Set

Reputation-based Threat Protection

Block Visitors by IP or country

Ticket Support

Price including GST

waf 10gb

RM 120




waf 40gb

RM 280